Designing Accessibility Websites

Designing Accessibility Websites

Website Design

Accessibility website design offer the same options available to disabled people as able bodied people when browsing websites and navigating the information that they require. Website accessibility considers the range of disabilities which can effect a persons ability to access information online. Accessibility considerations include:

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Arko Corporate Branding By Strategy Design Agency

Concrete experts Arko required an rebranding to reflect their new ethos of “Exterior Architecture”. The logo and corporate branding developed by Strategy Design Agency used paper stocks to complement the textural variations that Arco’s concrete work produces. Matching hyper-real photography with a solid geometric identity paired the structural base of concrete with the decorative elements used in their landscaping design.
Arko Corporate Branding

Arko Corporate Branding  2

Arko Corporate Branding  3

Arko Corporate Branding 4

Arko Corporate Branding  5

Arko Corporate Branding 6

Arko Corporate Branding  7

Philips Puts Advertising in Space by Rebels Studios

Every design studio dreams of the client with the budget and ambition to create as stunning a project as Rebels Studios created for Philips. The event was designed to promote the Shaver900 by launching a pod into space from the Swedish Space Center in Kiruna. Documented throughout the launch and landing, the pod travelled over 100km from it’s launch site reaching an altitude of 31,273 metres.