Unstuck Cards to Help Cure Creative Dead Ends

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Unstuck is designed to assist in the thought process where creativity and decision making requires a helping hand. Following the success of it’s Unstuck App, the developers decided to look into other mediums in which to provide the benefits of the app to help unblock creative dead ends. The result was a deck of Unstuck playing cards which replicate the experience of the original web-based app.

Limited Edition Poster Designs

paper collective_Bearded-Man-02

paper collective_Beetle-04

paper collective_Dancer-01

paper collective_Diamond-Lines

paper collective_Early-Birds

paper collective_Emilie-Iman-Babushka

paper collective_Emilie-Iman-Niqab

paper collective_FUWL---Hail

paper collective_FUWL-Green-pine-cone

paper collective_Kozak-Damond

paper collective_Salut-02

paper collective_TAF-02

paper collective_The-Swimmer-01

paper collective_Wrong-Studio-02

paper collective-FUWL_Green_Pine

These elegant, limited edition posters designed by selected designers are available as high quality prints from Paper Collective. All purchases contribute to the designers chosen charities. So you can take part in doing some good by getting hold of one of these fantastic prints.

Check out more from the designers:























Typographic Art by Luke Choice

Luke Choice

Luke Choice2

Luke Choice3

Luke Choice4

Luke Choice5

Luke Choice6

Luke Choice7

Australian designer Luke Choice is no amateur in the field of 3D art. The compositions and typographic projects on display on this website Velvet Spectrum offer lettering which looks edible, logos in the style of neon lighting and fantastically realistic balls of fuzzy string. The Notes to Myself project is a selection of collected quotations using a 3D brush script technique which combine the complexity of 3D design with the freedom of freehand script.

Responsive Website Design Methods

Responsive Website Design Methods

When creating responsive website design, you will discover many techniques for creating website content that displays on all devices. These are some ideas for responsive website design.

Elastic Videos using CSS

For embedded videos that us the iframe or object tag, using the common HTML5 max-width:100% and height:auto solution does not work. A way of getting around this problem for ensuring that your videos are elastic and respond to your screen size is by placing the embed code in a div container and specifying the child element within the div to a 100% height, 100% width and absolute position.

Full Resolution Resizeable Images

To ensure that your images get resized with the text on your webpage, you can assign the image to a class which will set widths to an em value. Em sizes are scalable sizes ensuring that fonts remain a readable size and can be applied to images in the same way.

Optimising Your Email for Mobile Devices With the Media Query

Any business or organisation that sends out regular emails, needs to pay attention to the development of responsive email technology to ensure the highest level of response from recipients. The growing percentage of people that open emails on mobile devices means that you could be letting more than half of your emails go unread.

Using media queries, you can produce email content which does not become unusable when viewed on mobile or tablet devices. Designing email for mobile devices has become an essential part of website design.

Responsive Design for Email, the Largest Mobile Audience

Designing emails for mobile devices ensures that you do not fall short of targeting the ever growing market that view the majority of web content on mobile devices. Considerations that need to be addressed when designing for mobile devices include margins, font size and usually a vertical layout provides the best user experience.

Media Queries in HTML Emails

Media queries offer a way of detecting the resolution and/or size of the device using boolean statements. A boolean statement returs a true or false reply to a query about the properties of the device being used to view the content.

Guide to CSS Support for Email

CSS support varies between each email provider and it can be tricky to find out and learn the variety of CSS options available when using each particular client. This link provides an easy to read guide to the CSS features available on each email client.




Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

boey cups art

boey cups art2

boey cups art3

boey cups art4

boey cups art5

boey cups art6

Illustrator Cheeming Boey made an illuminating discovery one day whilst jotting down some drawing ideas on a disposable styrofoam coffee cup and realising that it looked pretty awesome. Since then he has produced a large number of styrofoam cup illustrations which sell for between $140 and $900. Since then, Boey has displayed his cups in the Marion Meyer Contemporary Art gallery, featured on a Sharpie advertising campaign and won an award at TED.

The Making of Neon Signs Documentary

As with all dying crafts in the modern world, the people working within the industry become marginalised. All the hard work that has created fantastic cityscapes such as the neon lights that hypnotise any visitor to Hong Kong, becomes forgotten and a once prosperous art form struggles for survival. Interviewed within this short film are individuals who have made a career from neon light creations only to see the products of their business model go out of fashion.

Minimalist Posters of Inspirational Quotes

Ryan McArthur1

Ryan McArthur2

Ryan McArthur3

Ryan McArthur4

Ryan McArthur5

Ryan McArthur6

Ryan McArthur7

Combining clever quotations from some of the most celebrated minds in history with a stylish minimalist design, these posters by Toronto-based graphic designer Ryan McArthur offer some inspirational words of wisdom within this collection of aesthetically pleasing illustrations.