Essential SEO Blogs for Search Engine Marketing in 2016

What are the Best SEO Blogs for Search Engine Marketing in 2016?

As we enter 2016, marketing departments will be seeking out the next big thing in search engine optimisation for their future campaigns. We have developed a list of the industry leaders to help you guide your business to online marketing success.

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SEO Basics: The Meta Description

SEO Basics: The Meta Description

SEO Basics

The meta description is what is displayed to describe the content of a website in the search results. The meta description is a short paragraph of information that is designed for the eyes of potential website browsers and not for search engines.

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Folio Magazine Covers from the 1970s and 1980s





Steve Phillips worked as art director for nearly 11 years for Folio magazine from its first issue in 1972. The Folio cover design offered a creative inspiration for designers within and outside of the publishing industry providing a unique and striking artwork to accompany each issue.

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Using Google Fonts to Design Aesop’s Fables





Making use of the free resource of over 650 Google Fonts, designer Phoebe E aims to show the fantastic results available with a consideration of typeface combinations. This Aesop’s Fables project offers a great resource to add a level of style to your online designs which wont affect your budget.

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Promotional Design for the Bowling Script Typeface




As a promotional tool for the Bowling Script typeface, these 3D realisations offer a superb example of how to show off your latest fonts. The fact that these phone cases become beautiful yet impractical following the design process seems not to be the point here. We should simply enjoy the results visually.

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