Essential SEO Blogs for Search Engine Marketing in 2016

What are the Best SEO Blogs for Search Engine Marketing in 2016?

As we enter 2016, marketing departments will be seeking out the next big thing in search engine optimisation for their future campaigns. We have developed a list of the industry leaders to help you guide your business to online marketing success.

Why does my business need to keep up to date with search engine optimisation trends?

The search engine marketing industry is one of continuous learning and change. Many SEO tactics which could once deliver guaranteed high ranking positions will fail today.

Using the wrong SEO techniques on a website can result in punishing returns from search engine results. In some cases, search engine giants such as Google and Bing will declare that your site is using spam tactics to increase rankings.

If Google or other search engines decide that your website SEO is attempting to manipulate their algorithm, you may get rejected from the index altogether.

For these reasons, it is essential that any marketing team which wish to implement SEO seek guidance from industry leaders. The following list of blogs offer professional and practical advice to help your marketing strategy perform effectively.

These bloggers have been working within the SEO marketing industry for many years. These are the blogs that professional SEOs regularly turn to for updates within the industry.

We hope that this collection of search engine optimisation resources help you with your online marketing project:



Twitter: @Backlinko

Offering solutions to growing your business and marketing strategies using SEEO, BacklinkO provides practical techniques for reaching the next level in your search results.

Search Engine Roundtable


Twitter: @seroundtable

For the latest news and information about search engine news, Search Engine Roundtable provides details about the most talked about topics in SEO forums.



Twitter: @copyblogger

For insights into the best practises for producing effective online content, Copyblogger offers a valuable teaching resource for all areas of content marketing.

Search Engine Journal


Twitter: @sejournal

Search Engine Journal offers a community- based approach to collecting information and advice from marketing consultants working within the search industry.

Search Engine Land


Twitter: @sengineland

Search Engine Land offers daily articles covering all aspects of SEO and the search marketing industry. The blog provides articles, strategies, tips and tactics from across the digital marketing disciplines for running a successful marketing project.



Twitter: @neilpatel

Founded by top web influencer Neil Patel, QuickSprout offers marketing and revenue improvement advice for web marketing campaigns. Founder of Hello Bar, Crazy Egg and KISSmetics, Neil Patel has provided strategic advice for industry leaders from Amazon to Viacom and has been recognised by President Obama, United Nations and United States House of Representatives as a top entrepreneur.



Twitter: @moz

The YouMoz Blog offers marketing and SEO advice and information from experts working within the industry for any business that wants to expend their knowledge on Search Engine Optimisation.



Twitter: @seobook

SEO Book offer users a SEO training program using videos, forums and tools. The blog offers tips, analysis and articles from writers in the SEO and marketing industry.

Bruce Clay


Twitter: @BruceClayInc

Bruce Clay offers training and information for people new to SEO as well more experienced marketing professionals who wish to gain additional insights into the industry.

Search Engine Watch


Twitter: @sewatch

Search Engine Watch offers information and analysis for improving search engine results on websites. Article categories include Industry, SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social, Local, Mobile, Video, Content and Development.

The Moz Blog


Twitter: @moz

For SEO content writing advice and marketing analysis, MOZ is one of the leading businesses in the industry offering advice on social media outreach and analytical strategy.

Rand Fishkin


Twitter: @randfish

Moz founder Rand Fishkin offers insights into the SEO discoveries made by the Moz regarding search, marketing and content writing for the web.

SEO by the Sea


Twitter: @bill_slawski

SEO by the Sea offers insights into the SEO process from within the SEO industry. The aim of this blog is to offer information about search engines, how they rank websites and latest updates to search engine processes.

Search Engine Guide


Twitter: @sewatch

Aimed at small businesses attempting to understand the search marketing industry, Search Engine Guide provides articles and information to guide businesses through the SEO landscape.

Digital Relevance


Twitter: @drelevance

Digital Relevance provide a platform for people interested in online marketing to discuss the methods used to provide relevant content for your target audience and ensuring that the correct people are consuming the content that you produce.



Twitter: @clickz

ClickZ blog offers information and advice to help businesses improve the effectiveness of SEO and media marketing strategies.

Growth Experts


Twitter: @ManiKarthik

The Daily SEO Blog offers discussion and strategies about SEO, SOcial Media and marketing experts throughout the industry providing search engine news and articles from within the industry.

David Naylor


Twitter: @davenaylor

Part of the influential search marketing company Bronco, the David Naylor blog offers articles containing news and information about SEO.



Twitter: @upcityinc

UpCity blog offers a daily SEO tip to ensure that your SEO marketing strategies remain up to date with latest search marketing information.

SEO Theory


Twitter: @seo_theory

Making the link between website behaviour and the web search results, SEO Theory offer illumination and insight into the SEO marketing industry.



Twitter: @yoast

Specialising in WordPress SEO, Yoast offers a broad approach to online marketing solutions with tips, information and optimisation advice.



Twitter: @reelseo

ReelSEO offer a leading resource for online video marketing including trends, news, analysis and tips.

Higher Visibility


Twitter: @highervis

Providing an online marketing service for delivering SEO results for customers, Higher Visibility blog is managed by top internet marketing veterans.

Kaiser the Sage


Twitter: @kaiserthesage

Helping your online content to stand out from the millions of published articles, blogs and marketing material that appear each day, Kaiser the Sage offers SEO techniques for online search results improvement.

Marketing Pilgrim


Twitter: @MarketingPilgrm

Marketing Pilgrim boasts Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, CNBC and NPR as organisations which use the information provided in the blog as references to their marketing analysis. The blog offers news and review of the latest trends in marketing, search, social media, blogging and SEO.



Twitter: @builtvisible

For articles writen by people who love SEO, the Builtvisible blog offers articles about the creative process of a SEO from within the industry.

Zazzle Media


Twitter: @zazzlemedia

The Zazzle Media blog offers cutting edge tips and tactics from the marketing experts who run the Zazzle marketing agency.

SEO Nick


Providing a scientific method to SEO, the SEO Nick blog provides results of experiments with SEO techniques.



Twitter: @siegemedia

Specialising in organic search and content development, the Siegemedia blog provides information and insights into organic rankings enhancement, driving traffic, conversion rate increasing and rervenue growth.



Twitter: @iacquire

Content marketing business iAcquire provide blog articles focusing on the latest developments on SEO marketing and strategy.


Twitter: @koozai

Digital marketing company Koozai provide SEO and marketing analysis and helpful tactics to improve your campaigns sucess.



Twitter: @WordStream

WordStream Blog offer online marketing advice to help clients develop higher quality leads, more traffic, greater profits and more effective marketing results.



Twitter: @steviephil

Following a career working with, Liberty Marketing and Box UK, online marketing and SEO consultant Steve Morgan offers blog posts on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, social media marketing and keyword research.

David Leonhardtís SEO and Social Media Marketing


Twitter: @amabaie

Providing information about content creation and online marketing, the David Leonhardtís SEO and Social Media Marketing blog provides an knowledgable insight into social media and SEO marketing.



Twitter: @dejanseo

Experts in keyword targeting, on-site optimisation, competitor research and link popularity, the DejanSEO blog offer articles discussing the latest developments in the SEO industry.

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