Philips Puts Advertising in Space by Rebels Studios

Every design studio dreams of the client with the budget and ambition to create as stunning a project as Rebels Studios created for Philips. The event was designed to promote the Shaver900 by launching a pod into space from the Swedish Space Center in Kiruna. Documented throughout the launch and landing, the pod travelled over 100km from it’s launch site reaching an altitude of 31,273 metres.

The Making of Neon Signs Documentary

As with all dying crafts in the modern world, the people working within the industry become marginalised. All the hard work that has created fantastic cityscapes such as the neon lights that hypnotise any visitor to Hong Kong, becomes forgotten and a once prosperous art form struggles for survival. Interviewed within this short film are individuals who have made a career from neon light creations only to see the products of their business model go out of fashion.