25 Must Read Graphic Design Articles for Inspiration and Reference


Hexagon Graphics are always seeking out new sources of inspiration for our design projects. We have gathered together 25 graphic design articles from design websites and blogs which have piqued our attention recently.

Graphic design is such a rich and diverse industry that we never cease to discover new inspiring articles from design experts and enthusiasts from throughout the world. We hope that you will enjoy mining through this collection of graphic design articles as much as we have enjoyed curating them.

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10 Awesome Design Projects

Ten Design Projects to Inspire your Creativity from November 2016


We know that you will love these design projects which we discovered in November 2016. We have collected 10 awesome design projects by graphic designers, illustrators and artists from throughout the world. Be sure to follow the links back to their profile pages to view more of their amazing work.

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You will love these 10 Amazing Design Projects

October 2016: Check Out these 10 Examples of Graphic Design Inspiration

Guillermo del Toro Art Show

Hexagon Graphics love discovering work by designers who send a shiver down our spine. Here are ten projects to inspire your design work and make you a little bit jealous of the talent that we have discovered.

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10 Incredible graphic design projects

Sept 2016 : We found this Amazing Work for Design Inspiration

Mr Black - Coffee Liqueur7

Hexagon Graphics have curated a collection of 10 design products which has caught our attention in September 2016. We hope you will enjoy discovering new design ideas in the work featured below.

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Unstuck Cards to Help Cure Creative Dead Ends

unstuck cards

unstuck cards0

unstuck cards1

unstuck cards2

unstuck cards3

unstuck cards4

unstuck cards5

unstuck cards6

unstuck cards7

unstuck cards8

unstuck cards9

unstuck cards10

unstuck cards11

unstuck cards12

unstuck cards13

unstuck cards14

unstuck cards15

unstuck cards16

unstuck cards17

unstuck cards18

unstuck cards19
Unstuck is designed to assist in the thought process where creativity and decision making requires a helping hand. Following the success of it’s Unstuck App, the developers decided to look into other mediums in which to provide the benefits of the app to help unblock creative dead ends. The result was a deck of Unstuck playing cards which replicate the experience of the original web-based app.

Limited Edition Poster Designs

paper collective_Bearded-Man-02

paper collective_Beetle-04

paper collective_Dancer-01

paper collective_Diamond-Lines

paper collective_Early-Birds

paper collective_Emilie-Iman-Babushka

paper collective_Emilie-Iman-Niqab

paper collective_FUWL---Hail

paper collective_FUWL-Green-pine-cone

paper collective_Kozak-Damond

paper collective_Salut-02

paper collective_TAF-02

paper collective_The-Swimmer-01

paper collective_Wrong-Studio-02

paper collective-FUWL_Green_Pine

These elegant, limited edition posters designed by selected designers are available as high quality prints from Paper Collective. All purchases contribute to the designers chosen charities. So you can take part in doing some good by getting hold of one of these fantastic prints.

Check out more from the designers: