SEO Basics: Assessing the Value of a Keyword

SEO Basics: Assessing the Value of a Keyword

SEO Basics
When you decide to assign your keywords to your website content, you need to be clear about the relevance that they hold for the website services that you provide. A keyword is only as valuable as the amount of relevant and interested users they bring to your webpage.

Evaluating your keywords

Keyword research tools and webmasters often provide information about the keywords that people are searching for. This information needs to be coupled with an understanding of how these search results help your specific website and your business.

A good keyword needs to address the following criteria:

  • The keyword leads searchers to content that they are looking for
  • They will be rewarded with the content that they find
  • The traffic will provide a financially beneficial result
  • The traffic will help promote the goals of the website

Research the Competition

Use the chosen keyword or key phrase in one of the major search engines and you will get an insight into the other websites that are ranking high for the same target audience. You will have to evaluate the strength of the competition and be realistic about how hard it is going to be for your website to make it’s way to the top of the listings.

Look at the advertising results that appear down the side and across the top of the search results. A high value keyword will result in a lot of adverts and since these are websites that have paid money to appear within the results, it is likely that the keyword has high value in commercial returns.

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