SEO Basics: What is your Keyword Worth to You?

What is your Keyword Worth to You?

SEO Basics

Before your website is ranking for a particular key word or phrase, you should research the value of the keyword to your business or website. You can prepare an evaluation of your keyword’s value by creating a test campaign using Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter.

Run a Test Campaign

Using Google Adwords, you can buy a test campaign to assess traffic. Select ‘exact match’ and point the traffic towards a page on your website that is relevant to your selected keyword.

From the data returned, you can gain an understanding of how many impressions and the conversion rate that you can expect from the first 2-300 clicks.

With the information gained from your test campaign, you can assess the value of your keyword. You will know how many search impressions your target keyword has created and of those impressions, how many followed the link to your website and how many of those visitors made a purchase.

You need to make a calculation based on profit earned an not revenue created to discover the value of a click through rate. Here is an example of a test campaign result an how it can measure keyword value:

  • Keyword search generated 1000 impressions
  • 100 people visited your website as a result of the search
  • 1 person made a purchase of £100 which created a profit of £1 per person that visited

A number one position on the search results can create a click-through rate of between 18-36% of all impressions in a 24 hour period. On the above results, you will get 180 – 360 visits per day at £1 per click.

This will provide an annual profit of between £64,800 – £129,600.

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