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Social Media Integration

Creating a wonderful website is only the starting point of an ongoing conversation between your business and the potential customers which you are trying to attract to view your services. To fully engage with online users in todays marketplace, you will need your website to become part of a healthy social network that includes a range of social media platforms.

The major social media websites that offer the most potential for engaging with potential customers include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Linked In
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Ebay
  • Flickr

There are many more social media products available and the type of social network that you decide to focus on will reflect where your target market is likely to find you.

By working closely with our clients, we can discover exactly which social media networks offer the most potential for getting your branding message out to the people who are potentially going to require your services and make a sale.

Using Social Media as a Sales Platform

People who use social media networks are generally not online to buy products but to engage with peers for conversation and information. Using aggressive sales tactics will only alienate your business from being included in the social networks of the very people that would benefit from your services.

For this reason people need to be persuaded to make a purchase from your business in new ways. You need to develop soft selling techniques.

Selling products or services through social networks is about focusing on your target audience and producing content which will engage them and potentially get passed on throughout the network through shares, re-tweets or re-blogging.

There are also a number of specialist social networks outside of Linked In, Twitter and Facebook. You need to go where the customers are and develop the right type of marketing that is going to attract their attention. By developing a strong presence within the social network, you will gain followers that increase your company profile as a source of for authority, trust and valuable information.

By producing great quality content and information, customers will come back to you, rewarding you with profile likes, shares and sales. The key elements to social media marketing is producing of quality content and engaging directly with your customers.

Social media is the perfect platform to make direct contact with your target audience. A marketing strategy for promoting your business includes adding comments and likes to other profiles, offering help and advice from your professional knowledge and producing your own informative and useful content.

Social Media Marketing in Lancashire

{company-name} produce expert solutions to businesses throughout Lancaster, Preston, Blackpool and Lancashire who wish to engage with a larger customer base using social media integration.

If you require website design or content development services in Lancashire, please call our helpful team today on {phone-number} or by emailing us via our contact form.