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Website Optimisation in Lancaster and Lancashire

Our website optimisation services focus on helping your website become as user friendly as possible whilst also improving the rankings position in major search engines.

Website optimisation works alongside search engine optimisation(SEO) to help the performance of your website in gaining additional high quality customer visits and retaining the attention of your potential customers by making the experience of navigating your website easy and rewarding.

What is Website Optimisation?

Website optimisation is the analysis of your website as a whole and the process of improving the experience for users. Factors which usually require improvement include:

  • Increasing loading speed
  • ATF (Above The Fold) consideration
  • Improving navigation for users
  • Fixing hyperlinks
  • Improving Accessibility for users of all abilities
  • Improving search engine accessibility
  • Ensuring that all pages can be crawled by search engine spiders
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Amending duplication of URLs
  • Increasing amount of good quality content
  • Social Media integration
  • Ensuring your website is mobile, tablet and desktop responsive

Website optimisation increases user experience which is a major factor in the latest search engine algorithms. Therefore, the best way to attract customers and clients to your website through search engine results is to ensure that your website offers users the experience that is rewarded by the search engine criteria.

How Does Website Optimisation Improve My Sales Figures?

Internet usage increases every year and internet searches using common search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are the premium method used to discover the services that users are looking for.

As potential customers are increasingly using search engines as their primary resource for finding service providers, businesses which neglect their online presence are missing out on a lucrative stream of high quality visitors to their website.

The sophistication of search engine algorithms is developing at an increasing rate to ensure that organic search results offer the best user experience and quality of information. Website optimisation ensures that your website meets these search engine targets which will result in a better ranking position within their index.

Since almost 90% of internet users turn to the major search engines to find the services that they are looking for, any business which does not optimise their website to it's full potential risks loosing a large percentage of your target audience to your competitors.

Website Optimisation Services

We offer a personalised service for a range of businesses to ensure that your website is performing at its optimum level and will provide the best service for users. We customise our website optimisation services to help your business reach the required target audience and increase your online potential.

Increasing loading speed: By addressing the file size of HTML, CSS, Javascript and images used within your webpage, your website performance will increase in loading time. Improved loading time means that users will not get impatient and leave due to the frustration of slow loading pages.

ATF (Above The Fold) consideration: The information presented ATF is content visible before a user needs to scroll down the page. This information should provide enough details about the webpage to allow a user to decide if they wish to remain and read on.

Improving navigation for users: Nothing is more frustrating for users of a website than hard to navigate pages. Your potential clients need to easily locate the services or information that they are looking for or they will go elsewhere.

Fixing hyperlinks: Broken links are a sign of a website which is not well maintained. Search engines will penalise websites which have likes that go to dead pages or to pages which do not fit the description applied to the link.

Improving Accessibility for users of all abilities: Partially sighted people, blind people or people who require specialist tools to allow them to use the internet will see your website differently to other users. Your website should function well for people of all physical abilities.

Improving search engine accessibility : The search engines use crawling bots to read your website and return the information to the search engine index. Bots are restricted access to some areas of your website if attention is not paid to search engine accessibility.

Ensuring that all pages can be crawled by search engine spiders: If a page on your website is not able to be crawled by a search engine spider, then the search engines will not know that the page exists. The results of customer searches will only return pages that a search engine has crawled and indexed.

Removing duplicate content: Duplicate content in your website negatively effects your search engine ranking. Your pages will be viewed as identical and not indexed individually, reducing the potential for appearing in search results.

Amending duplication of URLs: Duplicated URLs are counted as a single page by the search engines, reducing the number of pages that are indexed for your website.

Increasing amount of good quality content: Search engines reward good quality content. The better relevant content that your website includes, the better experience a visitor will find from your website.

Social Media integration: Social media is increasingly important in modern marketing as providing an accessible link between your clients, customers and your business. Your social media content should reflect your website content providing a cohesive media message across all platforms.

Ensuring your website is mobile, tablet and desktop responsive: People view website information on a wide range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Your website should function well on all size screens and provide a user friendly service for everyone accessing your content.

Website Design and Website Optimisation in Lancaster and Lancashire

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