10 Awesome Design Projects

Ten Design Projects to Inspire your Creativity from November 2016


We know that you will love these design projects which we discovered in November 2016. We have collected 10 awesome design projects by graphic designers, illustrators and artists from throughout the world. Be sure to follow the links back to their profile pages to view more of their amazing work.

1. Nocturnal Wonderland Graphic Design


These eye catching graphics by NY based designer Connie Van created a fantastical promotion for this music event. This brand illustration works across a range of media to provide a cohesive identity.

2. LogoAlphabet Typography Project


Russian designers Logobaker created this logo alphabet as a typography project to show off their skills. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a cute illustration.

3. Estúdio Guayabo Branding Design


This delicate illustration project was used in the design of the Estúdio Guayabo branding. The colour palate is used to create a cohesive look across the website and other branding material.

4. Brandlab Brochure Design Projects


This creative brochure design project demonstrates a versatile design aesthetic. Each brochure has a unique design identity while remaining within brand. Check out more design work by Brandlab.

5. Waffee Logo Design and Branding


This branding project for Melbourne based waffles and coffee chain is well designed and executed. Melbourne design team A Friend of Mine created this iconic logo alongside the racoon mascots which are featured throughout the brand.

6. Taiwan Design Expo 2013 Brochure Design


Taiwan based design studio TU Design Office produced this inspirational piece of graphic design. This special issue of the brochure for Taiwan Design Expo 2013 is stylish and creative. The cover features a cut out design which adds an extra detention to the booklet.

7. Twist Packaging Design


We love this packaging concept for Twist LED light bulbs. Created by NY based branding studio Communal Creative, this is packaging for a luxury project. Material was a key consideration of this project with soft paper adding a finishing touch.

8. Fubiz Talks 3D Typography


French typography designer Benoit Challand created this design for Fubiz and Tetro. The design was used throughout the branding of the Fubiz Talks held in September of 2016.

9. Gamecore Promotional Branding


This branding and promotional material for Gamecores 6th Anniversary offers a retro games style. Designed by Taiwan based designers, this combines typography and graphic elements perfectly. Check out designers Tseng Green, Kevin Cheng and Sylvia Hsu.

10. Platform 3D Illustration


Designed by Polish 3D illustrator Mateusz Krol, this personal design project shows off his design skill at creating fantastical worlds. If you love 3D typography view Krol’s profile for more design projects.

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