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What is CSS3: Website design basics

What is CSS3

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Website design basics

CSS is one of the essential skills that a web designer will need to become familiar with.

The major update introduced in CSS3 is that it has now been separated into various modules. Modules allow the smaller chunks of specification to be approved quicker and allows the browser to only support the sections of the code which are relevant at that time.

The main types of modules in CSS3 are:

  • Text Effects
  • Selectors
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Box Model
  • Animations
  • Replaced Content and Image Values
  • Multiple Column Layout
  • 2D/3D Transformations
  • User Interface

Selectors: These modules allow the designer to be more specific about the levels of the document required to be read. Selectors which can be used within CSS3 include:

  • attribute, partial attribute and attribute value matching
  • Pseudo-class structures such as the nth-child class
  • Target pseudo-class for targeting elements in the URL only
  • A checked pseudo-class for styling checked elements such as checkboxes or radio elements.

Text Effects: Ability to manipulate justification, whitespace and hyphenation of the document’s text.

First-Line and First-Letter Pseudo-Classes :This module allows greater control over the alignment and kerning of drop-caps.

Generated Content and Paged Media :CSS3 provides more options allowing designers to manage footers, headers and page numbers. Other advanced properties will provide printing options for the generated content including page references and footnotes.

Multi-Column Layout :Multi column layout allows more control for designers over how the content is displayed including multiple columns and the ability to manage column count, column gap and column width.

Ruby :Commonly used within Chinese and Japanese text, small annotations added to the top of or next to words to define pronunciations and definitions to particular ideograms and graphic symbols.


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