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Website SEO: Improving Your Copy Writing – part 2

Improving Your Copy Writing – part 2

Copywriting Skills

Writing Honest Copy

It may seem counterproductive to point out the faults of a product which you are trying to sell, but marketing strategies often include pointing out the bad parts of the product before illuminating the more advantageous aspects.

The basic concept in providing a brutally honest description of what you are offering a customer is that the customer will believe everything that you tell them subsequently.

After making a deliberate reference to the rot around the windows, develop the argument for the practically indestructible walls and potential value that can be added from installing PVC replacements.

The message to the customer is that there is work to be done but a reward a the end of the process. Establishing early on that you are not a typical sales agent with nothing but false praise, will make it a lot easier to gain the trust of a potential buyer. This method makes your following positive descriptions all the more believable.

Outlandish Claims

Making impressive statements about your product benefits can be useful in grabbing consumer attention and encouraging them to read on. These claims, however must be based on evidence which can be attributed to research, statistics or testimonials which have been honestly compiled.

The only danger with using superlative copy is that your claims may appear too extraordinary and give the impression to your readers that you are producing unwarranted hype surrounding your services or product.

For this reason, it can be advisable to use the inclusion of outlandish claims sparingly or not at all.


An alternative approach to encourage interest in your marketing project is to try and actively discourage people from trying to access your product. By making your services exclusive to a chosen few, you create a sense of rejection which consumers do not expect from an advertising campaign.

Whether you are creating a credit card for the wealthiest members of society or a dating agency for the most attractive or socially mobile, you make people want to be included as part of the ‘beautiful people’ set.

The exclusivity approach makes your product more desirable and makes those who are accepted into the circle feel important and part of a consumer elite. Exclusivity piques our pride and activates our sense of belonging, encouraging individuals to actively seek out the skills or approvals to join the club.

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